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Even with a balanced diet, the enjoyment aspect must not be overlooked. Veal is a food that allows us to enjoy, to live healthy and to stay fit. Hardly any type of meat is more tender, leaner or more delicate. With expert knowledge, customer friendliness and punctual deliveries of top quality products learned over generations, the Gassner family ensures also your success.

Our company

Our company has been engaged in veal fattening and customised veal marketing for over 60 years. Then and now, we are a family business that is constantly evolving. Today we are one of the largest veal marketers in Austria and always provide only top Austrian quality.

Mitarbeiter der Gassner GmbH bei der Arbeit am Fleischtisch im Zerlegebetrieb Weiz
Foto eines rohen Kalbsfilet der Gassner GmbH, präsentiert auf einem Holzbrett, dekoriert mit groben Salz und Rosmarin

Our products

Enjoy a little piece of Austrian habitat from Gassner GmbH, whether grilled, roasted, stewed or boiled. We provide you with organic veal, AMA veal and products from our own brand “Steirerkalb” with the highest quality and exclusively made in Austria.

Regionality and Sustainability

All our veal comes from Austria. We have long-established and reliable partnerships with local farmers. In this way we can guarantee the best quality from our own production. In addition, we always strive to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible and to use new and sustainable packaging technologies.

Landschaft des Ausseerlands mit einer grünen Wiese auf der Kühe weiden im Vordergrund und einer Bergkette im Hintergrund.
Bild des Goldenen Lukullus zusammen mit einer eingerahmten Auszeichnung.


Gassner veal has won several awards. Not only our customers say that, but also the IFS Standard, BIO Austria, the AMA quality seal, the BIO AMA seal and the Golden Lucullus.


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