Veal from Austria.

Enjoy a little piece of Austrian habitat with us, whether it's grilled, roasted, stewed or boiled. At Gassner GmbH you get regional products that impress with their outstanding quality.

Our products

Unsere Artikelliste für Kalbfleisch

Das Steirerkalb

Our own brand “Steirerkalb” guarantees that customers receive veal from calves that are raised, slaughtered and processed exclusively in Styria.
The Styrian veal is exclusively available fresh from us.  

We are able to customise any veal part for you.


You can get veal carcasses in any weight class from us, whole or cut in half.

Veal carcass
Veal carcass whole
Veal carcass cut in half
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Rough cutting

At your request, we disassemble the parts that you need. The rough cutting includes the veal leg, veal loin, veal breast, veal shoulder and veal saddle.

veal loin
veal shoulder
veal top bit and rump
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Fine cutting

Each item of the rough cutting can be further disassembled. Depending on your requirements, we process a veal part precisely as you need it.

veal trimmed tenderloin
veal topside with cap
veal trimmed silverside
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For end consumers, we portion pieces into household quantities on request.

boneless veal chop
sliced veal brisket
sliced veal shank
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Tray packaging

With our vacuum plant, we are able to pack products in normal household quantities for end consumers. We constantly develop new products and bring them to market.

AMA veal steak marinated
veal chop
veal steak from milk calf
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Seit 2024 bieten wir neben der Kunststoff-Tassenverpackung auch eine nachhaltigere Alternative mit Karton an. Die Produkte können mit einem Kartonschuber versehen werden, welcher sowohl oben als auch unten angebracht werden kann.

Kalbsschnitzel geschnitten vom österreichischen Milchkalb
Kalbskarreesteak vom österreichischen Milchkalb
Kalbsleber geschnitten vom österreichischen Milchkalb
Kalbssteak mariniert vom österreichischen Milchkalb
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